Get Perma Pan! Oil Drip Mats

  1. Tedlar coated, Perma-panWhat are Perma-Pans made of? Our Oil Drip Mats are made of Tedlar®-clad vinyl coated polyester fabric. Tedlar® is Dupont’s trade name for polyvinyl fluoride and is a chemical “cousin” of Teflon®. The Tedlar® surface on top of the fabric makes Perma-Pans unique and the easiest to clean on the market. The base fabric is heavy polyester (tire cord) which is coated on both sides with vinyl. Some manufacturers use .020 inch thick vinyl film (heavy beach ball material), which is not nearly as resistant to chemicals as Tedlar®.
  2. Durable Oil Pan Mats, Perma Pans
  3. How are they made? The Perma-Pan edges are raised by heat-sealing the material around ˝” diameter wooden dowels on two sides. The other two sides of our oil drip mats are raised by the material’s natural curl.
  4. Will it be damaged if I drive over it? No. The edges won’t be flattened because the dowels support them or they just spring back up on the other sides. The polyester reinforcing makes it extremely unlikely that a rock in your tire could ever puncture your pan.


    Garage Oil Pan Mats


  5. How much will they hold? The 3’ x 4’ x ˝” pan will hold 3.7 gallons. Since many garage floors are not level, about 2 gallons is a practical limit.
  6. Oil Pan Mats to fit any car, Perma-PansHow much do they cost? Our 3’ x 4’ Perma-Pans cost only $29.95 each and our 4' x 6' Perma-Pans cost only $49.95 each. The handling fee is only $5.95 no matter how many pans are in each order. SHIPPING IS FREE in the USA.
  7. Can I get a special pan to fit my car? We will custom make any size you want at $2.50 per square foot plus a $6 set-up charge on each pan with a minimum price of $29.95 each.